Hi! I'm Rayn

I started this business because of my little brother Zachary who has a severe allergy to peanuts. After a few close calls at family gatherings and birthday parties and a few visits to the emergency, I decided I wanted to provide my little brother with something that would visually let people know that he has a serious allergy. It was important for him also to have something he would like and think was cool. 

He had a regular medic alert bracelet and really did not care for it nor did he ever want to wear it. Thats until I made him his very first Rayn Band. I had been making bracelets for quite some time with Paracord and had came across these special charms that could be woven into the bracelets I was making. After a few prototypes I ended up with the perfect Medic Alert Bracelet that was fun, unique and affordable. The best part is they are custom made in any colour you want. The person who buys the  product now has the option of fully customizing what it will look like. From the size, colour and the template the customer has a say in every aspect of the final product.

A few months down the line a beautiful collection of templates was gifted to Rayn by a local Ottawa teacher named Mylene Desbiens. A talented graphic design artist, photagrapher, she created 30 templates in a variety of colours with both dark and light backgrounds that could be used to display anyone’s medical information or allergies in. She also designed his brochures, business cards and posters for various events.

I auditioned for Dragon’s Den in March 2019 and March 2020 and was told by the producers that I had the best presentation of the morning! Sadly, I did not make the final cut to appear on the show but I have managed to continue to sell my products online across the entire country and Internationally to 7 different countries. My following on Facebook has grown from 83 Likes to 3500+  with over 100+ positive reviews and counting! I have no plans on slowing down anytime soon!

Rayn is most known for his annual Kits4TheHomeless campaign.Exceptionally during the months of October, November and December, Rayn donates 50% of all his sales to put towards purchasing items needed for the emergency kits. His first year in 2018 he was able to hand out 50 emergency kits. In 2019 the campaign grew some more and he was able to double the amount of kits handed out to 100. Now in it’s 3rd year. Rayn created a GoFund me account as his sales have been down since the COVID-19 Pandemic hit. Worried he would not be able to continue this tradition he loves so much he reached out to people on social media Having to date raised over 5000$ in 2020 alone, with a little help from some amazing people on social media. Thus making it possible for him to hand out over 200 emergency kits this yearn to the homeless on Christmas eve.

The second cause that is very close to his heart is the CHEO FOUNDATION. All donations given to the hospital are directed to the gender clinic to help provide much needed services and supports for LGBTQ2+ youth and their families.

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