Zipper pull- with 2 Allergies or Medical Conditions

Rayn Bands Custom Medic Alert Zipper Pull with 2 allergy or medical condition.


Allergy Alert




Medic Alert

Type 1 Diabetes

Peanut Allergy


  • Choose your band colour (1 main color, and one down the Middle if desired). Click here to see color chart
  • Choose one of 30 templates. Click here to see templates



Make sure you type in exactly how you would like it written as it will be copy pasted.

  • Important information about Rayn Bands

    Rayn Bands are not waterproof. 

  • How orders are processed

    Rayn Bands are usually ready to be shipped out 3-4 days after order has been confirmed. Shipping time depends on shipping option you choose.

Color down the middle
Template Choice